Exhibition Agnes Hernik in Art Gallery CPK 2014

Changesis the title of my author of the exhibition and of the ceramic sculpture series. In this case, sum up to the keyword in two ways. For the first time I am making in the context of changes that occur during creation in subsequent periods. In my case, the second marker of this word is transforming what I see into my own language. A form of practitioners to combine shapes of animate and inanimate elements of nature. Just as clouds change depending on the weather, so my works as spatial forms take on depending on the places from, they must be looked at. The sculptures made by me complement the structure and texture. I use one of the ceramic techniques whatever is molding from rollers. This better method was originally used for making dishes. Later, it was also used in ceramic sculpture. My objects are created by copying some elements. The use of this technique means that a material is used, which is clay, which itself contains weight. These sculptures correspond well with thesurrounded environmentsuch as sand. The artist who recently caught my attention is Monika Urbaniuk. This artist also gives an organic style to her application.